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Xerces-C++ Version 1.4.0: January 31, 2001
Date  Contributor  Description 
2001-01-26  Walker Curtis  Undefined symbol error when building a single threaded version of the xerces lib on irix.  
2001-01-25  Arnaud LeHors  Added a flag to turn off error checking in the DOM, this is primarily used while building the DOM from the parser to get better performance.  
2001-01-25  Khaled Noaman  Let users add their encoding to the intrinsic mapping table.  
2001-01-25  Khaled Noaman  const should be used instead of static const. And other clean up bug fixes.  
2001-01-24  Arnaud LeHors  Fixed replaceChild to handle the case where a node is replaced by itself. Cleaned up insertBefore.  
2001-01-24  Tinny Ng  Guard the use of '-ptr${OUTDIR}' in EnumVal/  
2001-01-22  Curt Arnold.  Loads winsock dynamically.  
2001-01-19  Curt Arnold.  COM various updates: updated the GUID's so both can coexist, better error reporting and fixed a new minor bugs.  
2001-01-18  Bill Schindler  FAQ spell check, fix typos, fix grammar, readability editing, clean up formatting, re-organize so related topics appear together.  
2001-01-18  Bill Schindler  Project file updated due to removal of ChildAndParentNode.cpp.  
2001-01-17  Arnaud LeHors  DOM Implementation Optimization.  
2001-01-17  Volker Krause  ElementImpl::getAttributeNS should check null pointer.  
2001-01-17  Arnaud LeHors  Have a single counter global to the document. Removed node basis change counter.  
2001-01-17  Arnaud LeHors  Removed unused field in NodeImpl that was left over.  
2001-01-17  Tinny Ng  Access violations and stack overflows in insertBefore.  
2001-01-15  David Bertoni  Performance Patches.  
2001-01-12  Tinny Ng  Fix for documentation generation.  
2001-01-12  Tinny Ng  Remove the two obsolete file: stylesheets\Copy of book2project.xsl and stylesheets\Copy of document2html.xsl in style-apachexml.jar  
2001-01-12  Tinny Ng  Documentation Enhancement: explain values of Val_Scheme.  
2001-01-12  Tinny Ng  Documentation Enhancement: Add list of SAX2 feature strings that are supported.  
2001-01-04  Khaled Noaman  Assertion `size > 0' failure when cloning a node if the last attributes has been removed.  
2000-12-28  James Berry  Omit include carbon.h in favor of specific include files.  
2000-12-28  James Berry  Add or modify cvs header in various files.  
2000-12-28  James Berry  Eliminate compiler warning in RangeImpl.cpp.  
2000-12-28  James Berry  Replace include of Carbon.h with specific include files.  
2000-12-28  James Berry  Move away from include of Carbon.h; include only needed files instead. Fix bug in parsing of upwardly relative paths under classic (thanks to Lawrence You).  
2000-12-22  Tinny Ng  XMLUni::fgEmptyString which is defined as "EMPTY" is incorrectly used as an empty string; in fact XMLUni::fgZeroLenString should be used instead.  
2000-12-22  Tinny Ng  Add the new header LexicalHandler.hpp to  
2000-12-22  Murray Cumming  removes '-instances=static' from the Linux link sections.  
2000-12-22  David Bertoni  SAX2-ext's LexicalHandler support.  
2000-12-14  Tinny Ng  Better instruction for using Use symbol XercesCInstallDir and XercesCSrcInstallDir instead of hardcoding the Xerces version number in the file.  
2000-12-14  Tinny Ng  Fix API document generation warning: "Warning: end of member group without matching begin".  
2000-12-14  Tinny Ng  Add RangeTest as part of the xerces-all MSVC++ workspace.  
2000-12-12  Gareth Reakes  null pointer bug.  
2000-12-08  Tinny Ng  Entity Reference cleanup dumping core if the last entity reference is deleted.  
2000-12-06  Tinny Ng  fix the link to FAQ.  
2000-12-06  Tinny Ng  further fixes to Range, and update RangeTest.cpp with more test coverage.  
2000-11-30  Bill Schindler  Spell check, fix typos, fix grammar, readability editing, clean up formatting.  
2000-11-30  Bill Schindler  Remove dead code (old StdOut and StdErr functions); minor clean-up.  
2000-11-30  Tinny Ng  patch to fix a number of Range problems. See mail of 11/21/2000.  
2000-11-30  Tinny Ng  DOM_Text::splitText(), fix off by one error in the test for index too big error.  
2000-11-30  Tinny Ng  reuseValidator - fix bugs (spurious errors) that occured on reuse due to pools already containing some items.  
2000-11-08  Andrei Smirnov  Build updates for Solaris 2.8 64 bit.  
2000/11/07  Tinny Ng  Bug fix for DTD entity reference problem reported by Tony Wuebben on 10/25.  
2000-11-07  Tinny Ng  config.guess and config.sub updated to newer versions.  
2000-11-07  Pieter Van-Dyck  Change InterlockedCompareExchange for compatibility with Borland BCB5  
2000-11-07  Pieter Van-Dyck  Fix incorrect version number in gXercesMinVersion.  
2000-11-01  Tinny Ng  SAX bug fix: Attribute lists were throwing exceptions rather than returning null when an attribute could not be found by name.  
2000-11-01  Tinny Ng  Scanner bug fix: with progessive parsing, namesapce and validation options were not being set correctly. Symptoms included failure to detect ignorable white space.  
2000-10-31  Tinny Ng  DOM NodeIterator bug fix: iterators would sometimes continue beyond their starting (root) node.  
2000-10-20  Andy Heninger  DOMParser bug fix - erroneous attempt to look up name space URIs while scanning default attribute values in DTD removed. Was a crashing bug when namespaces were enabled.  
2000-10-20  Andy Heninger  DOM NodeFilter - define values for FilterAction enum to match those in the DOM spec.  
2000-10-19  Andy Heninger  SAXCount sample, allow multiple files on command line. DOMCount sample, rename error handler class to say that it is an error handler.  
2000-10-18  James Berry  MacOS project file updates. Small code optimization. Add comments to clarify and to reflect new fixed XMLCh size.  
2000-10-17  Andy Heninger  Bug Fix - problems with multi-byte characters on input buffer boundaries.  
2000-10-17  Andy Heninger  DOMPRintFormatTarget, bad override of writeChars fixed (missing const). XMLFormatTarget, removed version of writeChars with no length. Can not be safely used, and obscured other errors.  
2000-10-16  Andy Heninger  Change XMLCh back to unsigned short on all platforms  
2000-10-13  Devin Barnhart  COM: interpret BSTR as UTF-16 in documents  
2000-10-13  Edward Bortner  Solaris: change detection for native support for type bool to defined(_BOOL).  
2000-10-13  Nadav Aharoni  MXLString::trim() bug fix: failure to null terminate result.  
2000-10-10  Bill Schindler  XMLFormatter: Fix problems with output to multi-byte encodings.  
2000-10-10  Andy Heninger  From Janitor, remove the addition that is having compile problems in MSVC.  
2000-10-10  James Berry  Fix a bug in returned length of transcoded string. Add a few comments.  
2000-10-09  James Berry  ProjectBuilder project to build Xerces.  
2000-10-09  James Berry  Numerous Changes: - Increase environmental sensitivity with hope of supporting pre OS 9 OS versions. - Enhanced path creation/interpretation to support proper unix style paths under Mac OS X instead of the volume rooted paths we previously used. Paths under Classic remain the same. - Better timer resolution. - Detect functionality via unresolved symbols rather than Gestalt where possible. - Softly back away from URLAccess...if it's not installed, we just don't support a net accessor. - Additional support for XMLCh/UniChar size differences under GCC on Mac OS X. - Fix Mac OS X support. GCC in this environment sets wchar_t to a 32 bit value which requires an additional transcoding stage (bleh...) - Improve sensitivity to environment in order to support a broader range of system versions. - Fix a few compiler sensitivities. - Carbon.h header support  
2000-10-09  James Berry  Add some auto_ptr functionality to allow modification of monitored pointer value. This eases use of Janitor in some situations.  
2000-10-09  James Berry  Autosense.hpp: modify sensing of Mac OS X.  
2000-09-28  Andy Heninger  DOM_Document::putIdentifier() removed. There never was an implementation for this function.  
2000-09-28  Curt Arnold  COM wrappers updated.  
2000-09-28  Linda Swan  AS400 related changes.  
2000-09-28  Andy Heninger  DOM_Document - remove the un-implemented function putIdentifier() from the header.  
2000-09-28  Andy Heninger  DOMParser MemoryLeak fixed. Occured when a document redefined the a builtin entity, e.g. <.  
2000-09-28  Andy Heninger  DOMPrint sample: add deletes before exit so boundschecker runs cleanly.  
2000-09-22  James Berry  Change file access permissions to fsRdPerm. Since we never write, there's no reason to request write access. Thanks to John Mostrom @ Adobe. Also nuke a few spaces and the entire defunct support for reading directly from MacOS resources.  
2000-09-22  Arundhari Bhowmick  DOM Parser: internal subset entity printing update.  

Xerces-C++ Version 1.3.0: Sept 21, 2000
Date  Contributor  Description 
2000-09-21  Torbjörn Bäckström  HPUX - Incorrect use of Array Janitor in Platform Utils removed. 
2000-09-21  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOMPrint - DTD internal subset, printing of attribute value enumerations was broken. 
2000/09/19  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOMPrint - output entity reference nodes as XML entity references, instead of just printing their children. 
2000-09-19  Bill Schindler  OS/2 - port update 
2000-09-18  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOM EntityReferences, fixed bugs with length() and hasChildNodes() methods. 
2000-09-12  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOM: changed name of expandEntityReferences option to createEntityReferenceNodes. More accurately describes what it does. Fixed bugs that caused creation of Entity Reference nodes to fail. 
2000-09-12  IBM  AS400 - transcoder updates. 
2000-09-11  Shengkai Qu  OS390 - makefile updates 
2000-09-11  Kirk Wylie  Alpha processor support update in config.sub. 
2000-09-08  Kirk Wylie  Reordered member variables in ThrowEOEJanitor.  
2000-09-08  Arnaud LeHors  DOM NamedNodeMap - because in many cases we may have to deal with both nodes with a namespace and nodes without any, NS methods through findNamePoint must handle both types of nodes. 
2000-09-08  Kirk Wylie  Some destructors not virtual that should have been; some members of DOM_Entity virtual that should not have been. 
2000-09-08  Andy Heninger  Removed incorrect detection of nested CDATA sections. Problem reported by Johannes Lipp. 
2000-09-08  Andy Heninger  DOMPrint incorrectly handled DOCTYPE declarations containing both a public and system id. Problem reported by Jesse Pelton. 
2000-09-08  Radovan Chytracek  MSVC: RangeTest project settings incorrect, build failed. 
2000-09-07  Bob Kline  XMLReader::skippedString(), failed under certain rare circumstances. 
2000-09-07  Andy Heninger  Fix SAXException assignment operator. Now non-virtual, and SAXParseException subclass invokes base class operator. 
2000-09-06  William L. Hopper  Borland updates. It had fallen way behind. 
2000-09-06  Andy Heninger  HPUX 11, packageBinaries build script, DCEThreads no longer default 
2000-09-06  James Berry  Macintosh: Add support for new compile time options defined in prefix file. These control the selection of the msgloader, transcoder, and netaccessor. Add a tiny bit of robustness to the nasty panic method.. 
2000-09-06  Shengkai Qu  S390: socket related changes 
2000-09-06  James Berry  Macintosh: Allow ShortenFiles to work even when destination directory already exists. 
2000-09-06  Arundhati Bhowmick  HP compile options modified for ICU compatibility 
2000-09-05  Michael Crawford  Macintosh: Fix atomic increment & decrement to return value after operation rather than before. 
2000-09-05  Andy Heninger  Cleaned up various compiler warnings. 
2000-09-05  Andy Heninger  SAX parser: added advanced callback support for XMLDecl 
2000-09-01  Andy Heninger  Fix ICU transcoding service, crashing bug on Linux, Solaris 
2000-08-30  Andy Heninger  Builds - clean up a number of compiler warnings. 
2000-08-24  Andy Heninger  DOMPrint - fixed crash when input xml file was not found. 
2000-08-23  Andy Heninger  Build Script updates and cleanups 
2000-08-18  Andy Heninger  Version number bumped to 1.3 in preparation for the upcoming xerces 1.3 / xml4c 3.3 release 
2000-08-17  Arnaud Lehors  DOM: Rewrote code updating the linked list on node addition and removal. I believe it is now easier to read and it uses fewer tests so it is also a little faster. 
2000-08-17  Arnaud Lehors  DOM: small cleanup: renamed a set of [] boolean flag methods. yes, I know, I also wish I got them right in the first place... 
2000-08-17  Sumit Chawla  PTX port updates 
2000-08-16  Andy Heninger  Fixed crash when XML text content has very long lines. Bug pointed out by Simon Fell. 
2000-08-14  Joe Polastre  SAX2 DefaultHandler, inconsistency in const parameters fixed. 
2000-08-11  Arundhati Bhowmick  ICU Transcoding - updates to support ICU 1.6 
2000-08-09  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOM Range: Add const to API where appropriate. 
2000-08-09  Joe Polastre  Many conformance and stability changes:
- ContentHandler::resetDocument() removed
- attrs param of ContentHandler::startDocument() made const
- SAXExceptions thrown now have msgs
- removed duplicate function signatures that had 'const'
[ eg: getContentHander() ]
- changed getFeature and getProperty to apply to const objs
- setProperty now takes a void* instead of const void*
- SAX2XMLReaderImpl does not inherit from SAXParser anymore
- Reuse Validator ( implemented
- Features & Properties now read-only during parse 
2000-08-09  Joe Polastre  Namespaces bug - bogus default namespace removed. 
2000-08-09  Joe Polastre  SAXException enhanced, messages added. 
2000-08-08  Joe Polastre  SAX2Count - new sample program for SAX2. 
2000-08-07  Arundhati Bhowmick  Remove detach() method from TreeWalker.  
2000-08-03  James Berry  Add Mac Codewarrior projects. 
2000-08-01  Joe Polastre  SAX2 support added 
2000-08-01  Gary Gale  Compaq Tru64 port added. 
2000-07-31  Joe Polastre  bug fix in removeAll() to zero out all the pointers. 
2000-07-31  Andy Heninger  utf-8 byte order mark recognition 
2000-07-29  James Berry  Mac OS Port, general cleanups. 
2000-07-28  James Berry  Addition of NetAccessor functionality for MacOS, built on URLAccess library. 
2000-07-28  Arundhati Bhowmick  ICU Transcoding service: changes for move to ICU 1.6 
2000-07-27  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOM Range added. (Major new feature) 
2000-07-27  Murray Cumming  makefile fixes for SUNW_0.7 
2000-07-25  Arundhati Bhowmick  XMLCh character constants definitions moved to XMLUniDefs.h. Removes name clashes with application defined symbols. 
2000-07-25  Joe Polastre  allow nesting of PlatformUtils::Init() and Terminate() 
2000-07-25  Gary Gale  ICU transcoding: fix off by one error. 
2000-07-21  <check>  Change wcsupr to _wcsupr 
2000-07-21  Eric Schroeder  Win32TransService - fix error in use of hashtables 
2000-07-21  Joe Polastre  DOMPrint: fixed error in handling of null CDATA sections. 
2000-07-20  Andy Heninger  Improved net access (parse of URLs). Still weak, though. 
2000-07-20  Erik Schroeder  XMLScaner.cpp bugfix: call startDocument() at beginning of scan. 
2000-07-20  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOMCount exception handling cleaned up. 
2000-07-19  Todd Collins  runConfigure: modified to take "configureoptions" 
2000-07-19  <check>  Add 'make install' target to src/util/Platforms/ 
2000-07-19  <check>  DOM: BugFix: DocumentType nodes can not have children. 
2000-07-19  <check>  DOM: Bug in NodeIDMap constructor. 
2000-07-18  Anupam Bagchi  Documentation generation tools updated. 
2000-07-17  James Berry  Mac OS port brought up to date (was very old) 
2000-07-17  Andy Heninger  Change windows project to link with ws2_32.lib instead of winsock32.lib 
2000-07-17  Grace Yan, Joe Kesselman  DOM NodeIterator: bug fix for SHOW_ELEMENT flag incorrectly being retrieved. 
2000-07-17  Joe Polastre  switched scanMisc() with endDoc() in scanNext. Pointed out by Dean Roddey. 
2000-07-17  Jim Reitz  fix for uninitialized variable gotData bug in XMLScanner.cpp. 
2000-07-12  Arundhati Bhowmick  DOM: fix bug in setting previous sibling pointer during insertNode 
2000-07-07  Joe Polastre  Update to use of hashtables. 
2000-07-07  Joe Polastre  DOM userdata: several bug fixes. 
2000-07-06  Andy Heninger  Speedups in XMLScanner, XMLReader 
2000-07-07  <check>  bug fixes in IXMLDOM* 
2000-07-06  Joe Polastre  Performance tweaks, added more inlines. 
2000-07-05  Anupam Bagchi  Documentation updates. 
2000-07-05  Joe Polastre  DOM: Attribute node default value handling implemented. 
2000-07-05  Joe Polastre  DOM Attr nodes - fixed setting of specified when cloning. (change may be in error) 
2000-07-04  Dean Roddey  Fixed a memory leak when namespaces are enabled. 
2000-06-28  Curt Arnold  COM object usage documentation update. 
2000-06-28  Joe Polastre  DOM Userdata - put pointers in a hash table rather than having one pre-allocated per node. Memory footprint reduction. 
2000-06-27  Joe Polastre  extended the (implementation) hash table classes. 
2000-06-26  John  Bug fix: check if initialized in Terminate() to stop access violations. 
2000-06-26  <check>  Solaris build - template directory related changes. 

Xerces-C++ Version 1.2.0: June 22, 2000
2000/06/22  <check>  OS/2 Port updated. 
2000-06-22  Joe Polastre  DOM Attr nodes, specified flag not set correctly by parser. Fixed. 
2000-06-20  Rahul, Joe, Arundhati  Many doc updates in preparation for release of version 1.2 
2000-06-19  Rahul Jain  Update Package Binaries script to build Xerces with ICU. 
2000-06-19  Joe Polastre  Added help messages to PParse and StdInParse samples. 
2000-06-19  Joe Polastre  Changed "XML4C" to "Xerces-C" in DOMPrint. (Missed in earlier mass name change.) 
2000-06-19  Arundhati Bhowmick  Moved version.incl up one directory level. 
2000-06-19  Curt Arnold  Improved Windows project file. 
2000-06-16  John Smirl  Bug Fix: Document Handler was not called for PIs occurring before the document element. Bug identified by John Smirl and Rich Taylor 
2000-06-16  Rahul Jain  DOMPrint, SAXPrint: remove extra space in printing PIs. 
2000-06-16  Rahul Jain  Windows Debug Build: add 'D' suffix to DLL name in VCPPDefs.hpp 
2000-06-16  Rahul Jain  Samples: added -v option (validate always). Needed for testing scripts. 
2000-06-14  Joe Polastre  Fixed null ptr failures in DOM NamedNodeMap 
2000-06-12  Andy Heninger  Fixed bug in XMLString::trim(), reported by Michele Laghi 
2000-06-07  Joe Polastre  DOM: reduced memory usage for elements with no attributes. 
2000-06-01  Andy Heninger  DOMString - add const to return type of const XMLCh *DOMString::rawBuffer() 
2000-06-01  Arundhati Bhowmick  Fix crash with Solaris optimized build. Modified XMLURL.cpp to dodge compiler code generation error. 
2000-06-01  Joe Polastre  Bug fix: DOM Attr Specified flag was incorrectly set when cloning or importing attributes. 
2000-05-31  Andy Heninger  MSVC projects modified to produce separate debug and release versions of Xerces lib and dll. 
2000-05-31  Rahul Jain  Bug fix: DOMPrint, SAXPrint produced garbage output on Solaris. Solaris library problem. 
2000-05-31  Joe Polastre  Fixed incorrect error check for end of file in Win32 platform utils. 
2000-05-31  Rahul Jain  DOMPrint enhancements. Add options for specifying character encoding of the output, better control over escaping of characters, better handling of CDATA sections. Default validation is now "auto" 
2000-05-22  Dean Roddey  XMLFormatter now escapes characters, as reqd., occurring midway in strings. Reported by Hugo Duncan. 
2000-05-22  Andy Heninger  Bug fix in implementation of DOM_Document::GetElementById() 
2000-05-18  Anupam Bagchi  Documentation, DTD for source xml files moved into xerces-c project, sbk: prefixes removed, xml can now be validated locally. 
2000-05-15  Dean  Fixed 'fatal error' when 'reusing the validator' problem reported
by Rocky Raccoon ( Fix submitted by
Dean Roddey ( 
2000-05-15  James Berry  Changed #include <memory.h> to <string.h> everywhere. <> 
2000-05-15  Andy H.  DOMTest: removed incorrectly failing entity tests 
2000-05-12  Andy H.  Revised implementation of DOMDocument::getElementsById(), removed memory leaks, new test program for it. 
2000-05-12  Dean  Bug fix - A PE ref appearing at the start of a skipped conditional section
was incorrectly being processed rather than ignored. Fix from Dean Roddey. 
2000-05-11  Rahul Jain  Start using the socket based netaccessor by default on most Unix platforms. 
2000-05-11  Rahul Jain  Update ICUTransService to work with latest revision of ICU which provides a hard linked data DLL. i.e. icudata.dll will be loaded when xerces-c is loaded. 
2000-05-05  Dean  Problem with progressive parsing. parseNext() would through an exception when the document contains entities, either or external. 
2000-05-11  Sean MacRoibeaird  Add missing validity checks for stand-alone documents, character range
and Well-formed parsed entities. 
2000-05-10  Radovan Chytracek  Fix compilation problems on MSVC 5. <> 
2000-05-10  Dean  Fix XMLReader defect reported by SHOGO SAWAKI 
2000-05-09  Andy H  Fix problem with Windows filenames containing '\' in Japanese and Korean encodings. 
2000-05-08  Andy H  Memory Cleanup. XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate() deletes all lazily allocated memory 
2000-05-05  Dean  Fixed defect in progressive parsing 'parseNext()' reported by Tim Johnston 
2000-05-03  Tom Jordahl  Fixed Solaris build problems with static character constants. Tom Jordahl <> 
2000-04-28  Arnaud LeHors  Reduced memory usage for DOM Attributes. 
2000-04-28  New runConfigure options -P and -C 
2000-04-27  Andy H  Memory leaks in TransService. Joseph Chen <> 
2000-04-27  Arnaud LeHors  DOM - storage requirements for nodes substantially reduced. 
2000-04-27  Arundhati  Added DOM XMLDecl node type; provides access to XML declaration. 
2000-04-20  Arundhati  Added DOM access to DTD subset (DOM Level 2 feature) 
2000-04-19  Anupam Bagchi  API document generation changed to DOxygen from Doc++ 
2000-04-18  Arundhati  Full support for DOM_EntityReference, DOM_Entity and DOM_DocumentType introduced 
2000-04-18  Dean Roddey  Don't allow spaces before PI target. Bug #42 
2000-04-17  Anupam Bagchi  Follow the SMP/E procedures for the OS/390 BATCH install 
2000-04-12  Dean Roddey  Auto-validate mode. Validate only when a DTD is present. 
2000-04-11  Dean Roddey  If a SAX error handler is installed, then the resetErrors() event handler
should call the one on the installed SAX error handler. 
2000-04-10  Dean Roddey  Allow an empty DOCTYPE declaration, with just the root name. 
2000-04-06  Dean Roddey  Add low level support for transcoding XML output to different character encodings. 
2000-04-06  Arnaud Lehors  DOM node memory footprint reduction. 
2000-04-06  Dean Roddey  Fixed hanging bug in character transcoding. 
2000-04-05  Dean Roddey  Enable installation of DTDHandler on SAX parser. 
2000-04-04  Anupam Bagchi  Support for PTX platform 
2000-04-03     IRIX 6.5 port 
2000-03-30     COM wrappers 
2000-03-24  Jeff Lewis  DOM_Document::GetElementsByTagId() added. 
2000-03-23  Chih Hsiang Chou  DOM: support for identifying "ignorable white space" text nodes. 
2000-03-23  Rahul Jain  URL Net Accessor added. 
2000-03-20  Dean Roddey  Fix null pointer exception with some bad documents. 
2000-03-17  Dean Roddey  Initial support for two-way transcoding. 
2000-03-17  Dean Roddey  Intrinsic transcoding table generation utility added. 
2000-03-17  Anupam Bagchi  UNIX build: Now generates object files in platform-specific directories 
2000-03-13  Anupam Bagchi  Fix GCC build problem: Changed XML_GNUG to XML_GCC 
2000-03-13  Helmut Eiken  Fixed #54. Changed self-assignment to now use the parameter value.
Reported by Helmut Eiken <> 
2000-03-10  Chih Hsiang Chou  Fix bug # 19, add const keyword to API. As a result, update test case. 
2000-03-10  Chih Hsiang Chou  DOM: "specified" flag of attributes now set correctly. 
2000-03-08  Dean Roddey  Some fixes for content models that have multiple, trailing, empty
PE refs (for content model extension.) 
2000-03-07  Dean Roddey  First cut for additions to Win32 xcode. Based very loosely on a
prototype from Eric Ulevik. 
2000-03-03  Dean Roddey  Fixed a bug in SimpleContentModel that allowed an <a/> to be taken
as valid for a content model of (a,b). 
2000-03-02  Dean Roddey  Added a scanReset()/parseReset() method to the scanner and
parsers, to allow for reset after early exit from a progressive parse.
Added calls to new Terminate() call to all of the samples. Improved
documentation in SAX and DOM parsers. 
2000-03-02  Dean Roddey  Change "XML4C" to "Xerces" in many places
Add a cleanup method to XMLPlatformUtils.
Implement the Locator scheme for SAX.
Add a -n option to most of the samples, to enable namespaces
Fix an error where XMLScanner::parseNext() was falling through on an
exception instead of return a failure.
Implement the specialized string loading for Win98, since LoadStringW()
doesn't work on 98 and makes the loaded error text from the Win32
message loader come out junk
fix error when two trailing entity references in a content model, like so:
<!ELEMENT foo (a|b|c|d|e %one;%two;)*> 

Xerces-C++ Version 1.1.0: Feb 28, 2000
2000/02/18  Dean Roddey  XMLCh defaults to wchar_t on platforms where wchar_t uses Unicode. 
2000-02-18  Dean Roddey  Add Windows-1252 as a built in encoding 
2000-02-17  Dean Roddey  Fixed an infinite loop caused while trying to trim leading white space from the raw URL during parsing. 
2000-02-17  Rahul Jain  Add LibWWW based net accessor 
2000-02-17  Chih Hsiang Chou  DOM: NodeIterator, TreeWalker added. 
2000-02-16  Dean Roddey  Updates for EBCDIC code page issues. 
2000-02-15  Chih Hsiang Chou  DOM: several namespace bugfixes 
2000-02-14  Dean Roddey  Disallow EBCDIC documents without an encoding declaration 
2000-02-10  Bill Schindler  Fixed defect in compare[N]IString function. Defect and fix reported
by Bill Schindler from 
2000-02-10  Anupam Bagchi  Sample source code cleaned up. 
2000-02-08  Dean Roddey  Fixed bug: xmlns:xxx="" should affect the mapping of the prefixes of sibling attributes 
2000-02-07  Dean Roddey  Don't weave base and relative paths unless relative part is really relative. 
2000-02-03  Dietrich Wolf  C++-Builder 4 support 
2000-02-03  Robert Weir  DOMString enhancements 
2000-01-31  Dean Roddey  Win32 mutex implementation was changed to use critical sections for speed. 
2000-01-28  Dean Roddey  The API is not in place to allow client code to make sense of start/end entity
ref calls from attribute values. So suppress them for now. 
2000-01-28  Andy Heninger  Fix multi-threading problem in DOM. 
2000-01-27  Dean Roddey  Fixed bug: If an entity ends on the last > of some markup, then the end of entity
won't be sent because the end of entity is not sensed. 
2000-01-24  Dean Roddey  Fixes a bogus error about ]]> in char data. 
2000-01-24  Dean Roddey  Exposed the APIs to get to the byte offset in the source XML buffer. 
2000-01-21  Dean Roddey  Added a check for a broken pipe error on file read. 
2000-01-18  Dean Roddey  Update to support new ICU 1.4 release 
2000-01-18  Dean Roddey  Remove dependence on old utils standard streams 
2000-01-18  Rahul Jain  Added CreateDOMDocument sample. 
2000-01-13  Dean Roddey  Added a NetAccessorException for use by implementations of the NetAccessor abstraction, if they need to report errors during processing 
2000-01-12  Dean Roddey  get the C++ and Java versions of error messages more into sync. 
2000-01-11  Dean Roddey  Moved the input source classes from / to framework/. 
2000-01-11  Dean Roddey  Changes to deal with multiply nested, relative paths, entities 

Xerces-C++ Version 1.0.1: December 15, 1999
  • Port to Solaris.
  • Improved error recovery and clarified error messages.
  • Added DOMTest program.

Xerces C++ Parser Version 1.0.0: December 7, 1999
  • Released Xerces-C++ after incorporating ICU as a value-added plug-in.
  • Has bug fixes, better conformance, better speed and cleaner internal architecture
  • Three additional samples added: PParse, StdInParse and EnumVal
  • Experimental DOM Level 2 support
  • Support for namespaces
  • Loadable message text enabling future translations to be easily plugged-in
  • Pluggable validators
  • Pluggable transcoders
  • Reorganized the util directory to better manage different platforms and compilers

Xerces-C++ BETA November 5, 1999
  • Created initial code base derived from IBM's XML4C Version 2.0
  • Modified documentation to reflect new name (Xerces-C)

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