LosLobos   status as of   Wed May 21 14:23:49 MDT 2008

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PBS SUMMARY:  (2 CPUs + 1 GB RAM per node)

Category                  Busy    Free   Offline    Down     Total
--------                  ----    ----   -------    ----     -----
all nodes                    0       0         0       0         0

   jobs account  queue   state
   ---- -------- ------- -----
   CPU hours  dollars  User
   ---------  -------  --------
           0     0.00  


Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Use% Mounted on

  LosLobos global:

                      1.0TB  964GB   15GB  99% /users
serrano:/nfs/scratch  983GB  932GB  2.3GB 100% /nfs/scratch

  ll02 system:

/dev/sda3             6.8GB  6.0GB  533MB  92% /


/dev/hda1              5.0G   981M   3.7G  21% /
/dev/hda5               15G    14G   869M  94% /usr
/dev/sda1              929G   535G   347G  61% /Grid2003
/dev/sdb1              929G   522G   360G  60% /raid1

LosLobos CPU load and I/O: (mountain time) milta gmetad: LosLobos Load milta gmetad: LosLobos I/O Global NFS server load: UNM_HPC monserv: serrano load
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