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Best Biotech Websites in the World

bullet4Biotech  -- a guide to biotechnology from  This site provides some of the best links to biotechnology-related sites in the world (Updated 8/20/00).
bulletAccess Excellence binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)provides a broad range of interesting pages for those interested in biology and biotechnology.  It is part of the National Health Museum as of August 2, 1999 (Updated 9/15/99).
bullet AgBiotechNet provides a broad resource for agriculturally-related issues (Updated 5/13/01).
bulletBEST - Biochemistry Easy Search Tool binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)is an important list of biochemistry related links. The site is maintained by the Worthington Software Engineering, Inc. (Updated 8/24/99)
bulletBioABACUS binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)is a searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in Biotechnology. The data provided include the name of the term, its meaning, the category in which it is mostly used and, when available, a link in which additional information for the term can be found (Updated 5/26/99). binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)  1.To serve as a site where visitors can learn and ask questions about Biochemistry. 2.To provide biochemists with links to reference material found on the Internet. 3.It will provide an on-line message board where individuals can post questions or comments about ongoing research 4.There will also be an on-line chat board where individuals from around the world can chat live (Updated 8/20/00). 
bulletBioChemNet (very cool site )binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) a guide to the best biology and chemistry educational resources on the net (Updated 10/17/99). (BIO ONLINE) binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required; some parts of site are propreitary) is the most comprehensive site for biotechnology-related information and services on the Internet. BIO ONLINE provides information resources from biotechnology companies, biotechnology centers, universities and other research and academic institutions, industry suppliers, government agencies, and non-profit special interest groups to the biotechnology community via the World-wide Web (Updated 5/26/99). (free membership) this site provides a broad range of resources for those interested in bioethics (Updated 9/23/99).
bullet BioMedGate - portal to lifenew.GIF binoculars.GIF BioMedGate is a specialized biomedical web directory and search engine, also provides biomedical news coverage and free literature alerting (Updated 5/13/01). binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(free membership; some parts are proprietary)contains over 170 biological and medical journals, with abstracts and some articles available for free.  They also have an evaluated medline, jobline, and an extensive list of links (Updated 7/17/99).
bulletBiophysics Textbook online (BTOL) new.GIF provides a wide range of information from spectroscopy to thermodynamics.  It is the best online tutorial on biophysics and it is sponsored by the Biophysical Society (Updated 10/03/01).
bullet  binoculars.GIF BioScience Links  ( no membership required; very cool!) BioScience Links is both the search engine as well as the biology link database developed specially for the researchers involved in biological studies (Updated 10/17/99). binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required) this site provides a very interesting glossary and what is happening in biotechnology industry.  It also has a useful guide for jobs in the biotechnology field (Updated 5/26/99).
bulletbiotech, Indiana University (no membership required) is a hybrid biology/chemistry educational resource and research tool on the World Wide Web. BioTech is intended to be a learning tool that will attract students and enrich the public's knowledge of biology issues in the world today. It is found at the University of Texas at Austin (Updated 5/26/99)
bulletbiotechnology information center (BIC) binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) (no membership required) provides access to a variety of information services and publications covering many aspects of
agricultural biotechnology (Updated 5/26/99).
bulletBioTrack Online binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)( no membership required ) provides governments and industries with biotechnology product notifications/assessments, but also to make the information related to biotechnology accessible to all who need it (Updated 5/27/99).
bullet binoculars.GIF ( no membership or registration required, absolutely free  )In addition to company information and daily industry news delivered directly to your desktop, BioView has an ecommerce component that will let industry professionals purchase products and equipment online. BioView is also a comprehensive biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines. The site also contains a fully-searchable resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, a BioJob Search Agent, career resources and links (Updated 8/20/00). new.GIF (3043 bytes)(free membership) is to become the definitive resource of knowledge and tools that bioresearchers need for efficient and successful science. Targeted to 400,000 life science researchers worldwide, the company's web site provides free, easy-to-use analytical tools and scientist-authored reviews of high-end, experiment-specific research products, such as enzymes, antibodies and reagent kits (Updated 8/10/00). binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(free membership; parts are proprietary) this site is orientated toward the business end of biotechnology (i.e. stocks). Access to certain parts (i.e. of the website ranges from $25.00-$6,400 USD (Updated 5/26/99).
bullet binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) new.GIF (3043 bytes)(totally free search engine) binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(free membership; some parts are proprietary) provides a variety of resources: library of leading journals, various databases, chemistry news, and links to various valuable resources on the internet (Updated 5/26/99).
bulletChemistry Link Center new.GIF (3043 bytes)binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(No membership is required) Welcome to the World of Chemistry. Here you can find many links about the chemistry. You can also add your site to our database using Add A site left-hand on this page (Updated 10/17/99).
bulletChime Resources World Index: new.GIF (3043 bytes)(completely free site) Visitor-maintained index of links to biomolecular structure tutorials using Chime, with descriptions and an index of protein names, lesson plans, and subjects (Updated 8/20/00). 
bulletCorante new.GIF (3043 bytes)binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)We're a news digesting service tracking developments in biotechnology and genetics, IP law, venture capital and other tech-related subjects. Every day we scan scores of top news sources and magazines for the news stories, articles and sector intelligence that provide the context, perspective and analysis industry insiders need (Updated 5/13/01).
bullet DNA-o-gram Generator Encode your message in DNA. Send a message in the language of life... say it with DNA! (really cool and unique site! ) (Updated 8/20/00). the first Internet site devoted exclusively to drug discovery and early-stage drug development.  This site has important news and software that would be useful to one in the drug discovery field (Updated 7/15/99).
bullet A biological Web resources Navigatornew.GIF binoculars.GIF(free and very useful site)  Bioinformatics Portal, Offer Medline search, Protocols, Sequence analysis tools, Database of databases in Biology ,Free Web Space, Free E-mail, Forums and web directory and so on. This site is also available in German language (Updated 10/03/01).
bulletElsevier Science Biotech  binoculars.GIFyour complimentary gateway to scientific publications and databases on biotechnology and related disciplines.  This site is maintained by Elsevier Science (Updated 8/23/99) binoculars.GIF (very cool site! ) provides several useful areas such as, SoftwareSeek, JournalSeek, GenomeSeek, and BookSeek (Updated 9/23/99).
bullet Genbrain Biosystem Networknew.GIF binoculars.GIF Bioinformatics for Transgenics, Bionic Engineering, Genetic Science, Nanotechnology, Biocomputing and exploring on genomic intelligence and artificial biosystems (Updated 8/20/00).
bullet LabOnWeb life science research enginenew.GIFbinoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) ( membership required ) LabOnWeb is a collection of online lab protocols and life science research tools. LabOnWeb is different from other online search services in the scope of its analysis, its proprietary data and tools that it uses to enhance gene discovery and in its delivery of information. LabOnWeb protocols provide "big picture" results, giving researchers the information they need to perform more effective, efficient life science research (Updated 3/4/00). 
bulletLabVelocity new.GIFbinoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)was founded by scientists to simplify information retrieval in the unique and complex life sciences' market. By providing customizable services, we will become an indispensable daily resource for maximizing scientists' productivity. In addition to advanced product identification tools and comparison tables, LabVelocity supplies scientific protocols, commonly used reference materials, pathway diagrams, and buffer recipe and unit conversion calculators. Our customizable Literature searches and scientific News services will keep scientists current in a constantly changing research world (Updated 12/11/00).
bulletMBS - Molecular Biology Shortcuts binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required) provides a broad panorama of different links and it also provides a useful search engine (Updated 6/16/99). binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(membership required for access to some parts of the website) provides links to a broad range of issues related to medicine and the medical community.
bulletnational biotechnology information (NBIF) binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required) facility provides a broad range of educational and research links.  Also, test your skills by playing "Outbreak!" (Updated 5/27/99)
bulletPasteur Institute's list of guides, tutorials, and documents  binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required) related to molecular biology at the Pasteur Institute (Updated 1/28/00)
bulletProtocol Online binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required; very cool site) Directory of protocols in cell biology, molecular biology and immunology (Updated 8/25/99).
bulletRefScoutŪ new.GIF (3043 bytes) ( Free subscription ) is a weekly, scientific reference mailing service. Would you like to be updated every week on the emerging literature in your field? Simply enter key words, and RefScoutŪ does the work for you! RefScoutŪ will screen databases covering life and medical sciences for the key words or the combination of key words you specified and will automatically update you with any abstract that has come up during the last seven days - every week and for free! (Updated 6/16/2).
bulletsciweb.combinoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)(no membership required)this website provides a broad range of services from a biocareer center to more business related stuff in the biotechnology arena (Updated 5/27/99)
bulletWHAT IF (web interface) (platform independent; Free) provides nearly 2000 options in fields as diverse as
homology modeling, drug docking, electrostatics calculations, structure
validation and visualisation (Updated 6/9/99).
bulletThe World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biotechnology  binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) (no membership required)This directory contains over 1000 URLs specific to biotechnology, pharmaceutical development
and related fields. It places emphasis on product development and the delivery of products and services.  This is a very cool site with many useful links to a wide variety of sources (Updated 6/13/99).