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This List Contains Free Software that is Relevant to the Molecular Biology and Structural Biology Fields.  It is in no way a complete list nor an indication of the availability of software for a given computer platform.   If you know of any other sources of software, please email me at . I would be glad to add it to the list.


bulletMac Software
bulletPC Software
bulletUNIX Software
bulletSites Dedicated to Software and Online Software


Sites Dedicated to Software and Online Software

For Online software, also click here

bulletBoxshade (Ver. 3.2, Online version) Pretty Printing and Shading of Multiple-Alignment files (Updated 10/03/01).
bulletBiotechnology Software  This page contains links to biotechnology-related non-commercial software available via the Internet. These links are provided as a service by National Biotechnology Information Facility (NBIF) . (Updated 7/16/99)
bulletComputer Aided Chemistry and Biotechnology Software for Silicon Graphics a list of different software that can be used for silicon graphics workstations.  It doesn't contain any useful links. Found at the Chemistry Department Free University Berlin (Updated 4/9/99).
bulletDana Boyd's Software List
bulletFunNet Archive is an extensive software site and contains an exhaustive list of free software titles that are beneficial for the biological community (Updated 8/20/00).
bulletGenamics Software Librarybinoculars.GIF (1646 bytes) is a subset of  This site provides one of the better archives in the world on biologically-related software (Updated 8/20/00).
bulletISREC Software contains a small collection of remotely-executable software. All of them use the WWW-forms interface and require a WWW-browser with forms capabilities (like Mosaic 2.0 and higher) (Updated 4/4/99).
bulletLinux4Chemistry new.GIF (3043 bytes)is a database of links related to software for computers with Linux (Updated 01/29/01).
bulletLinux Lab Project List of Chemistry/Biology Software
bullet Metabolic Simulation Software ( Some cool Specialized Software ) Shareware and freeware Windows 95/98/NT software for simulation and metabolic control analysis of metabolic systems (Updated 9/11/99).
bulletFree Molecular Visualization Programs
new.GIF (3043 bytes)for Unix and/or Linux This page contains the list of free molecular visualization programs, complete with links. Only freely available programs which run on unix or unix compatible platform are listed. Some of these programs are available only as binary code for some specific platform(s) (3/24/01).
bulletNetSci's List of Conformational Searching and Analysis
- it provides an interesting list of some available software.  It is part of Network Science.
bulletNIH's Universal Molecular Modeling Software List, a comprehensive list of proprietary and academic software at NIH (Updated 4/12/99).
bulletNIH Computational Molecular Biology: Software Repositories  provides access to computer software specifically related to the fields of Molecular Biology and sequence analysis at Computational Molecular biology, NIH (5/1/99).
bulletNMR Softwarelist contains a fairely comprehensive list of NMR-related software (Updated 10/17/99).
bulletPDB to MultiGif Page
bulletPointers to Molbio Software (PC and Mac) (server was down 5/22/99) in the Netherlands (Updated 4/4/99).
bulletProwl: Software Archives a group of free software programs that would be helpful at the PROWL site at the Biochemistry, Structural Biology & Chemistry at The Rockefeller University (Updated 4/6/99).
bulletRNA Folding Software is a useful site which contains links to software that is a documentation is available for the major platforms (Updated 4/7/99).