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bulletBioinformatic Sites of Interest
bulletTutorials about Sequence Alignments and Molecular Modeling

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Bioinformatic Sites of Interest

bulletBIMAS Home Page is BIoinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section at NIH.
bulletBioinformatics Internet Resources at Arizona State University  has a broad range of resources from analysis tools to careers and jobs.  It is maintained at Arizona Health Sciences Center (Updated 7/16/99).
bulletBioinformatic Resources at Stanford- it possesses a lot of useful links. (Updated 4/4/99)
bullet binoculars.GIF (cool site!) webdirectory for bioinformatics (Updated 9/11/99).
bullet new.GIFSpecializes in Bioinformatics jobs with discussion groups and career resources (Updated 6/17/2).
bulletCAOS/CAMM Center supports the Application of Information Technology in Dutch academic research in chemistry and molecular biology, through: Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics (Updated 5/1/99).
bulletComputational Services developed and offered by EMBL-Heidelberg (Updated 4/4/99).
bulletDatabanks available at EMBL is a comprehensive list of various protein and nucleic acid sequence databanks (Updated 5/2/99).
bullet A biological Web resources Navigatornew.GIF binoculars.GIF(free and very useful site)  Bioinformatics Portal, Offer Medline search, Protocols, Sequence analysis tools, Database of databases in Biology ,Free Web Space, Free E-mail, Forums and web directory and so on. This site is also available in German language (Updated 10/03/01).
bulletISREC Bioinformatics (Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research) (Updated 4/4/99).
bulletKreisberg-Zakarin's List of Bioinformatics Links has a broad variety of resources for the computational biologist.  This site is maintained by the Tel-Aviv University Computational Biology Unit (Updated 9/10/99).
bulletPedro's Biomolecular Research Tools is an excellent site and it possesses a wide range of important links. Some of the links, however, have not been updated for a while (Updated 4/8/99).  There are a lot of dead links here.
Mirrors Location Rating/Comments
United States Iowa State Univ. This is the original site is probably the most up to date
Germany University of Duesseldor (Biophysics) no comments
Japan NA temporarily disconnected
Switzerland Friedrich Miescher Institute
bulletPeter O'Connell Laboratory homepage provides a useful list of biologically related software, databases and other molecular biology related tools.
bulletSwiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) Our mission: state- of-the-art research, education and services in the field of bioinformatics in Switzerland with international collaborations (4/8/99).
bulletETH, Zurich Switzerland is a Computational Biochemistry Research Group Server Welcome to the CBRG server of ETHZ(4/8/99).

Tutorials about Sequence Alignments and Molecular Modeling

bulletAmino Acid Properties is a useful site, where the chemical makeup and other parameters are determined for a givin peptide sequence at Biochemistry, Structural Biology & Chemistry at The Rockefeller University (It is related to Prowl) (Updated 4/6/99).
bulletThe BioCompanionnew.GIF THE tutorial for Bioinformatics - very comprehensive and easy to read. Covers searching, databases, analysis, comparison and more (Updated 8/31/99).
bulletBioComputing Hypertext Coursebook - this is a tutorial that covers the basics multiple and single alignments. (Updated 4/4/99)
bulletA Guide to Structure Prediction (Version 2) new.GIFis an informative tutorial on the algorithms used for protein structure prediction (Updated 10/17/99).
bulletRepresentation Models in Molecular Graphics this is a tutorial of molecular graphics and various rendering techniques (Updated 4/7/99)
bulletUsing Computers in Molecular Biology: A GCG Tutorial -this is a tutorial that goes over the basics of using the GCG software. (Updated 4/4/99)