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Plant Physiology

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Cool Sites in Biochemistry

bulletBEST - Biochemistry Easy Search Tool binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)is an important list of biochemistry related links. The site is maintained by the Worthington Software Engineering, Inc. (Updated 8/24/99) binoculars.GIF (1646 bytes)  1.To serve as a site where visitors can learn and ask questions about Biochemistry. 2.To provide biochemists with links to reference material found on the Internet. 3.It will provide an on-line message board where individuals can post questions or comments about ongoing research 4.There will also be an on-line chat board where individuals from around the world can chat live. 
bullet new.GIFbinoculars.GIFis an e-zine for life scientists which is updated daily and is free to all, containing news, features, diary of events, book reviews and equipment updates (Updated 8/9/02).
bullet CCUG binoculars.GIF CCUG: Culture Collection, University of Göteborg, Sweden A versatile site for bacterial strains, identification and information on bacteria. Taxonomy, Nomenclature, Identification, Protein profiling, BioMérieux Api profiles, CFA(FAME), phenotyping, etc (Updated 8/31/99).