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b6f complex
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bc1 complex and its relationship to the b6f complex


   The cytochrome b6f complex is the intermediate protein complex in linear photosynthetic elecron transport.  It is found in the thylakoid membrane of higher plants and cyanobacteria. The core complex is comprised of four proteins: cytochrome b6, subunit IV, cytochrome f, and the Rieske center, an iron-sulfur protein.  Electrons are transferred through the b6f complex through a plastoquinol, leading to the formation of a plastoquinone and 2H+ in the thylakoid lumen.  The terminal electron acceptor in the b6f complex is cytochrome f, which is oxidized by plastocyanin.

bulletbc1 complex is both phylogenetically and functionally similar to the   b6f complex.  Below is a diagram that illustrates the major parts of the bc1 complex. In general, these complexes are structurally similar except for the c1 subunit of the bc1 complex and the f subunit of cytochrome f. 

bc1.GIF (105399 bytes)


bulletModified Q-cycle by A.R. Crofts at the Life Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Updated 4/7/99)
bulletWorking Model of the Modified Q-cycle by A.R Crofts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this site provides an animated gif and an AVI  of the Q-cycle ( (server down 5/22/99)(Updated 4/7/99)

bc1 and b6f sites of interest

bulletThe bc-complex- Complex III by A.R. Crofts at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Updated 4/7/99)
bullet Dr. Bernard Trumpower Lab cyt bc1 complex homepage-new.GIFThis site is intended to give you an introduction to the cyt bc1 complex projects  in the Trumpower lab and the people who are working on those research projects. I hope you enjoy your "virtual visit," and that you will come visit us in person (Updated 6/16/2).
bulletCyt. bc1 project by E. Berry at the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Updated 4/8/99).