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Special Requests

blue wiresA Help Ticket, with a technical description and justification for your request, is required for all special requests. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. Proprietary software can be installed, but the requestor must provide the license. Examples of special request include:

  • Installation of applications software or specialized libraries on CARC systems. Please include the following information in your request:
    • machines on which software is required
    • pointer to website from which source or executable can be downloaded
    • brief phrase describing the applications domain (e.g. "computation fluid dynamics," "astrophysics," "CUDA GPU-enabled compiler")
    • specific version of the code needed. Note: beta-test versions are strongly discouraged unless the "latest and greatest" capabilities are absolutely necessary for your research.
  • Extended (ultra-long) runs for a special research project or deadline.
  • Request for use of a greater percentage of a machine than is normally available (e.g., for a performance or code scaling study, or for an ultra-large problem).
  • Large-scale ( > 1 TB ) storage on the Research Storage Consortium (RSC) mass storage system. 

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