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8. Queue policies & job limits

All supercomputers at CARC have at least one submission queue for jobs. The maximum number of jobs that can run concurrently in a queue varies from machine to machine, as does the maximum number of nodes that can be requested for a given job, in a given queue. To determine the queue limits on the supercomputer being used, execute the command qmgr -c 'p s'.The command prints a list of all the queues and their resource limits. To determine the limit of the queue to which you wish to submit a job, look for the following lines below its title:


Note: Some queues do not have walltime limits. Poblano is a machine that does not use the job scheduler. Instead, it is operated on a time sharing basis coordinated in formally by its users. In addition, most machines have limits on the maximum number of nodes that any one user can be using at a given time. The current limits are listed in the following table.

MachineMax Node Use by Single User
Metropolis 35
Nano 8
Galles 72
Pequena 8
Gibbs 6
Ulam 8

To request a temporary override of queue limits on a given machine for benchmarking purposes or for a research deadline, please submit a help ticket or email Special queues and software installations for classes can be requested by the course instructor; for best accommodation, please submit the request 2-3 weeks in advance of the semester.

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