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20. How to Use VNC (Screen for X Clients)

  1. Download the Putty windows installer and install on your machine.

  2. Download the tightVNC viewer and install on your machine.

  3. Start up putty and create a session with SSH to

  4. In the left-hand node list, click on SSH.  You will find "tunnels" under that.

  5. Add a tunnel from (Source port) 5904 to (Destination) localhost:5904 then click Add.

  6. Save the session configuration so that it will be available next time.

  7. Connect.

  8. On poblano, execute vncserver :4 to start up the vnc server on display 4.

  9. Start up tightVNC on your machine.

  10. Ask it to connect to localhost::5904.

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