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16. How to Apply for a CARC Account

All accounts are associated with a Project, which summarizes the research for which CARC resources will be used.  A given PI (principal investigator, typically a faculty member), will often have more than one Project active concurrently.

Step 1.  The PI requests a new Project.  If an appropriate Project is already in place, proceed directly to Step 2.

The PI will be asked to provide a Project Description.  This should be 1-2 paragraphs, including:

  • Overview of science/engineering problem being addressed
  • Mathematical/computational methodology used
  • Parallelization strategy if code was developed-in-house (MPI, embarrassingly parallel parallelization study…)
  • Numerical software or packages required (ScaLAPACK, PETSc, FFTw, MATLAB)
  • Commercial software/licenses required
  • Any special resources needed (very large-scale storage, etc.)
  • If you know which machines you are interested in, mention these.  If you would like to meet with CARC technical staff prior to submitting your Project Request, email or to arrange this.

Step 2.  The PI, and students and researchers in the PI’s group should each Request an Account.  When asked for the Project ID, you can search for it under the PI’s name and find the correct ID.  Request accounts for machines appropriate to your code/computational problem (see Step 1).

Step 3.  Once you have applied for an account, an automated message will be sent to the Project PI asking that they confirm that the account request is legitimate.  Once they reply to that message, the account will be created automatically.

Step 4.  You will receive an email asking that you come to CARC to pick up your login and password information.   A UNM ID is required for pickup.  For security reasons, account information cannot be sent via campus or U.S. mail.

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