Systems & Software at CARC

systems.jpgThe UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing supports supercomputing systems, high-throughput clusters, and large-scale disk storage for use by university researchers. CARC currently has over 2200 compute cores spanning a variety of distributed and shared-memory architectures. Online working NAS and nearline storage is provided by the Research Storage Consortium (RSC) HP x9000/7400 system (381 TB RAID5), with integrated tape library for data archiving. Additional tape backup is provided by an in-house developed Amanda-based system featuring 30 TB of LTO tape storage rotated through a 15 TB robotic tape library system.  These compute and storage systems are housed in a state-of-the-art, raised-floor, climate- and access-controlled machine room. CARC connects to Internet2 via UNM’s 10 Gbps backbone network. This backbone connects via a 10 Gbps link to the central Rio Grande Valley GIGA-POP, located in downtown Albuquerque and owned and operated by UNM. A summary of CARC compute resources can be found in Table 1.

Center for Advanced Research Computing

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