TechApps are short, two-page research highlights written in a style that is accessible to a broad technical audience.  The term "TechApp" originated at Thinking Machines Corporation, one of the first parallel supercomputer companies, in the early 1990s.  CARC compiles an updated set of professionally-printed TechApps each fall for distribution to federal program officers and attendees at the international Supercomputing Conference, the UNM Office of the Vice President for Research, the UNM President's Office, and the UNM Board of Regents.  TechApps may also describe computational courses or programs, and can be submitted at any time throughout the year.  If you would like to submit a new or updated TechApp, please use one of these exemplar Word files as a template:

All TechApps are reviewed by the Director and finalized in conjunction with the submitting author.  Upon request, authors will be provided with up to 20 reprints, free of charge.


The College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences, Research Data Services, 2014

BA Coffman, MA Hunter, AP Jones, HA Saxon, K Kolodjeski, B Lockmiller, O Khan, T Collar, JM Stephen, and VP Clark, Using ICA to Remove Artifacts Associated with tDCS From EEG data: Comparison of ICA Algorithms, 2014

L Tapia, A Faust, N Malone, H Chiang, and K Manavi, Collaborators: R Fierro, K Lesser, R Lumia, M Oishi, and J Wood, Motions for Complex and High‐Dimensional Robots, 2014

L Tapia, K Manavi, B Jacobson, B Hoard, Collaborator: BS Wilson, Geometric Analysis of Molecular Assembly, 2014

PM Lushnikov, and N Vladimirova, Nonlinear Combining of Laser Beams, 2014


T Castillo, D Beining, A Ferrer, and S Otero, Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTS Lab) Research and Demos at SC’13, 2013

STP Boyd, Modeling Nonlinear Behavior and 3D Geometrical Effects in Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Containing Paramagnetic Elements, 2013

B Jiang, J Li, and H Guo, Fitting Multidimensional Global Potential Energy Surfaces with Neural Networks, 2013

K Brayer, O George, S Hideaki, J Byars, SR Atlas, J Edwards, L Luo, H Kang, C Stidley, and S Ness, Genome-Wide Analysis of Genes, Gene Regulation and Gene Expression, 2013

L Tapia, K Manavi, A Kunts, and BS Wilson, Geometric Analysis of Molecular Assembly, 2013

L Tapia, A Faust, N Malone, K Manavi, N Amato, R Fierro, R Lumia, S Thomas, and J Wood, Motions for Complex and High-Dimensional Robots, 2013 

T Estrada, and M Taufer, On the Effectiveness of Application-Aware Self-Management for Scientific Discovery in Volunteer Computing Systems, 2013

T Estrada, B Zhang, P Cicotti, and M Taufer, Accurate Analysis of Large Datasets of Protein-Ligand Binding Geometries Using a Linear Clustering Method Based on MapReduce, 2013

A Jacobson, What is PRObE?, 2013

S Gomez, LN Gilkey, BE Kaiser, and S Poroseva, Computational Analysis of a Tip Vortex Structure Shed from a Bio-Inspired Blade, 2013 

B Kaiser, AB Porteous, SV Poroseva, and RO Hovsapian, Flow Simulations of a Rotating Mid-Sized Rim Driven Wind Turbine, 2013

D Ahn, D Arnold, Z Chen, D DeBonis, B de Supinski, L Frey, J Goehner, T Groves, S Gutierrez, M Lang, G Lee, M Legendre, N Hjelm, J Laros, B Miller, K Pedretti, W Schonbein, and M Schulz, Scalable Infrastructures, 2013

D Arnold, P Bridges, R Brightwell, K Ferreira, G Feldman, A Goudarzi, T Hoefler, D Ibtesham, S Levy, D Stefanovic, B Topp, and P Widener, Software-based Resilience for Extreme-Scale Systems, 2013

SR Atlas, Center for Advanced Research Computing, 2013

B Jacobson, L Herskowitz, S J Koch, and SR Atlas, Unraveling the Mechanochemistry of the Molecular Motor Kinesin Through Simulated Annealing, 2013

V Noormofidi, S Abbar, S Shalgar, and H Duan, Simulating Collective Neutrino Oscillations In Core-Collapse Supernovae, 2013

H Honarvar, and W Gerstle, Micropolar Peridynamic Lattice Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures, 2013

D Beining, Dome Poems: Memory and Emergence, 2013


J Ox, D Britton, R Rodriguez, and C Barlow, The 21st Century Virtual Color Organ, 2012

A Ho, M Murphy, S Wilson, SR Atlas, and JS Edwards, Cyclic Sequencing By Ligation Variation and SAWTooth – The Sequencing Analysis Workbench Tool, 2012

B Kiefer, A Datye, and P Atanassov, First-Principle Simulations of Catalytic Materials for Energy Generation, 2012

J Kniss, Real-Time Demos, 2012

B Jiang, X Ren, D Xie, and H Guo, Enhancing Dissociative Chemisorption of HO on Cu (111) via Vibrational Excitation, 2012 

D Arnold, R Brightwell, K Ferreira, D Ibtesham, R Riesen, and J Stearley, Software-based Resilience for Extreme Scale High-Performance Computing Systems, 2012

D Ah, D Arnold, B De Supinski, J Goehner, T Groves, S Gutierrez, G Lee, M Legendre, B Miller, P Roth, and M Schulz, Scalable Middleware and Tools, 2012

S Levy, K Ferreira, P Bridges, M Hoemmen, M Heroux, K Pedretti, and R Brightwell, Resilient Operating Systems Software and Scalable Systems, 2012

P Bridges, P Dinda, J Lange, K Pedretti, S Scott, Z Cui, L Xia, M Levenhagen, and R Brightwell, Scalable System Virtualization in High Performance Computing Systems, 2012

D Beining, H Walker, J Valdez, and T Castillo, Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTS Lab) Research and Demos at SC’12, 2012

GD Ebel, T Harrison, and D Brackney, Variant Identification in a Genetically Diverse Population, 2012

G Gonzales, Broadband, Higher Education and Rural New Mexico, 2012

J Ox, K Loree, J Crayton, P Gilbert, and K Obermuller, Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate, 2012


D Beining, H Walker, J Strawn, J Ox, and T Castillo, Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTS Lab) Maya Skies and Demo Reel at SC’11, 2011

A Polli, E-Oculus: Permanent Public Visualization of Real-time Commerce and Exchange, 2011

J Ox, K Loree, and J Crayton, Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate, 2011


G Bassi, JA Ellison, K Heinemann, and R Warnock, A Vlasov-Maxwell Approach to Study Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects in Particle Accelerators, 2010

T Castillo, D Beining, H Walker, J Strawn, and S Gallegos, Art | Research | Technology | & Science Lab (ARTS Lab) Partnerships for Innovation Research, 2010

Z Ke, GK Smith, S Wang, Y Zhang, D Xie, and H Guo, QM/MM Studies of Phosphothreonine Lyase Catalysis in Bacterial Effector SpvC, 2010

B Kiefer, A Datye, and P Atanassov, First-Principle Simulations of Catalytic Materials for Energy Generation, 2010

A Polli, Particle Falls: Large-Scale Public Visualization of Particulate Pollution, 2010

E Wallace and CK Butler, Losing Hearts and Minds: Insurgency/Counter-Insurgency Analysis on a High-Throughput Cluster, 2010


D Beining, H Walker, J Strawn, J Ox, E Renz-Whitmore, and T Castillo, Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTS Lab) Maya Skies and Demo Reel at SC ’09, 2009

J Ox, Gridjam Performance as a Paradigm for Scientific Collaboration, 2009

V Janardhanam, G Amo-Kwao, SJ Koch, S M Valone, and SR Atlas, Charge-Transfer EAM Studies of Kinesin Molecular Motor Protein Mechanochemistry, 2009

Z Sun, L Liu, SY Lin, R Schinke, H Guo, and DH Zhang, State-to-State Quantum Cynamics of O + O Isotope Exchange Reactions Reveals Non-Statistical Behavior at Atmospheric Conditions, 2009

N Sakhavand, W Gerstle, and S Chapman, Comparison of Peridynamic and Continuum Models of Reinforced Concrete Lap Splice, 2009

A Ho, N Torrez-Martinez, and JS Edwards, Polony Sequencing of the $1000 Genome, 2009

X Wang, BL Li, CL Willman, and SR Atlas, Systems Modeling for Prognostic Cancer Biology, 2009

C Baudoin and TL Thomas, New Mexico Cultural Assets Digital Repository and e-Facility, 2009

MG Venkata and PG Bridges, PRO-MPI: Protocol Reconfiguration and Optimization for MPI, 2009

D Sizemore and PG Bridges, Replication-Based Network Protocol Parallelization using Dominoes, 2009

D Arnold, B Miller, and P Roth, Scalable Middleware and Tools, 2009

K Ferreira, K Pederetti, R Brightwell, AB Maccabe, and PG Bridges, Scalable OS System Services for High Performance Computing Systems, 2009

J Lange, K Pedretti, T Hudson, P Dinda, Z Cui, L Xia, P Bridges, M Levenhagen, and R Brightwell, Scalable Systems Virtualization in High Performance Computing Systems, 2009

E Claus and K Hutchison, A High Performance Computing Approach to the Integration of Functional Neuroimaging and High Density Genetic Arrays, 2009

J Montoya, R Shenoi, and S Krishna, Selective Optical Enhancement with Plasmonic Gratings for Infrared Photodetectors, 2009

J Galewsky, Thunderstorms in a Changing Climate: A Cloud-Resolving Modeling Study, 2009

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