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STEAMNM: Raising Capacity for STEAM Education in New Mexico

Andrea Polli

In New Mexico, 61 percent of current and former college students hold debt at an average of $17,994 per person (spotlightonpoverty.org). But there is hope. Projections suggest that STEM-related job opportunities will grow nearly 17 percent over the next decade. More than 60 percent of those jobs will require a college degree or higher. (stemadvantage.org/why-stem/). The 2011 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that by 2018 New Mexico will need to fill 53,000 STEM-related jobs.  The initiative to add art and design to the national agenda of STEM education and research is often called STEM to STEAM: i.e., STEM + Art = STEAM. An Americorps/VISTA grant to Build Capacity for STEAM Education in New Mexico has allowed the creation of STEAMNM (steamnm.com) to support undergraduate and graduate students, emerging professionals, parents, and other community members throughout the state in STEAM fields. Read more.

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