The College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences, Research Data Services, 2014

Brian A. Coffman, Michael A. Hunter, Aaron P. Jones, Heather A. Saxon, Krista Kolodjeski, Bryce Lockmiller, Omar Khan, Tristan Collar, Julia M. Stephen, and Vincent P. Clark, Using ICA to Remove Artifacts Associated with tDCS From EEG data: Comparison of ICA Algorithms, 2014

Hossein Hamooni, Abdullah Mueen, Amy Neel, Dual‐domain Hierarchical Classification of Phonemes, 2014

Hussein Al-Azzawi and Ben J Archuleta, Three-Dimensional Heat Maps of the Flow of Information Through Social Networks, 2014

Kevin Stovall, Michael McCrackan, Greg B. Taylor, Searching for Pulsars and Rotating Radio Transients with LWA1, 2014

Robert D. Habbit III, Andrew B. Porteous, Carlos M. Lazaro Echavarria, Dr. Svetlana V. Poroseva, Computational Analysis of Turbulent Flows Around Streamlined Bodies with RANS Models in OpenFOAM, 2014

Bin Jiang and Hua Guo, Representing Potential Energy Surfaces for Molecule‐Surface Interaction Using Neural Networks, 2014

Lydia Tapia, Aleksandra Faust, Nick Malone, Hao‐Tien Chiang, and Kasra Manavi, Collaborators: Rafael Fierro, Kendra Lesser, Ron Lumia, Meeko Oishi, and John Wood, Motions for Complex and High‐Dimensional Robots, 2014

Lydia Tapia, Kasra Manavi, Bruna Jacobson, Brittany Hoard, Collaborator: Bridget S. Wilson, Geometric Analysis of Molecular Assembly, 2014

Pavel M. Lushnikov and Natalia Vladimirova, Nonlinear Combining of Laser Beams, 2014

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