Technical Reports

Pre-2004 ms. and technical reports by faculty affiliated with the Center for Advanced Research Computing.                                                                                               

M Dudar, O Eddins, SM Wilson, SR Atlas, and R Veroff, XML Schema and Web Services for ETL in the Staging Area of a Scientific Data Warehouse, HPC@UNM2003-003, 2003

FL Gilfeather and J Holbrook, Polynomial Bounds for Matrices, HPCERC2000-001, 2000

JS Sobolewski, S Mamidi, and W Smith, Workload Characteristics and Effective Scheduling in Large Parallel Computer Systems, HPCERC2000-003, 2000

JS Sobolewski and C Silesky, Personal Parallel Supercomputers, HPCERC2000-004, 2000

JS Sobolewski, Next Generation Internet Initiatives in the USA, HPCERC2000-005, 2000

DW Tyler, Faint Companion Detection Using Noise Transport and Noise Scaling in Speckle Interferometry, HPCERC2000-006, 2000

DF Beck, Evaluation and Characterization of Secure File Storage in Client Parallel I/O, HPCERC2000-007, 2000

AC Pineda and SP Karna, Effect of Hole Trapping on the Microscopic Structure of Oxygen Vacancy Sites in a-SiO2 , HPCERC2000-008, 2000

SP Karna, RD Pugh, WM Shedd, AC Pineda, and TR Oldham Sr., Electronic Structure Theory and Mechanisms of the Oxide Trapped Hole Annealing Process, HPCERC2000-009, 2000

EL Braun, AL Halpern, MA Nelson, and DO Natvig, Large-Scale Comparison of Fungal Sequence Information: Mechanisms of Innovative in Neurospora crassa and Gene Loss in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, HPCERC2000-010, 2000

G Li, R Jayaseelan, and W Gerstle, Investigation of Hexahedral Elements Generated from Tetrahedral Elements, HPCERC2000-011, 2000

LE Bean, WH Dvorachek Jr., A Errett, GS Saenz, MD Giles, M Werner-Washburne, MA Nelson, EL Braun, DO Natvig, and EL Braun, Analysis of the pdx-I (snz-I/sno-I) Region of the Neurospora crassa Genome: Correlation of the Pyridoxine – Requiring Pheotypes with Mutations in Two Structural Genes, HPCERC2000-012, 2000

Y Sun and D Bader, Broadcast on Clusters of SMPs with Optimal Currency, HPCERC2000-013, 200 

Y Sun and D Bader, A New Prediction Oriented Barrier Synchronization on SMP Clusters, HPCERC2000-014, 2000

Y Sun, DA Bader, X Lin, RWH Lau, Y Pan, and PYS Cheung, Generalized Block Shift Network for Clusters, HPCERC2000-015, 2000

AC Pineda and SP Karna, Electronic Structure Theory of Radiation-Induced Defect in Si/SiO2, HPCERC2000-016, 2000

SP Karna, WM Shedd, RD Pugh, HA Kurtz, and AC Pineda, Point Defects in Si/SiO2 Systems: Current Understanding, HPCERC2000-017, 2000

BME Moret, DA Bader, M Yan, S Wyman, and T Warnow, A New Implementation and Detailed Study of Breakpoint Analysis, HPCERC2000-018, 2000

MS Pattichis and R Zhou, A Novel Directional Approach for the Scalable, Accurate and Efficient Computation of Two-Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transforms, HPCERC2000-019, 2000

J Grondalski, PM Alsing, and IH Deutsch, Phase Diffusion as a Model for Coherent Suppression of Tunneling in the Presence of Noise, HPCERC2000-020, 2000

KK Nandi, PM Alsing, JC Evans, and TB Nayak, Brans-Dicke Corrections to the Gravitational Sagnac Effect, HPCERC2000-021, 2000

KK Nandi, A Bhadra, and PM Alsing, Tidal Forces in Cold Black Hole Spacetimes, HPCERC2000-022, 2000

PM Alsing, JC Evans, and KK Nandi, The Phase of a Quantum Mechanical Particle in Curved Spacetime, HPCERC2000-023, 2000

DA Bader, BME Moret, and P Sanders, Algorithm Engineering for Parallel Computation, HPCERC2000-027, 2000                                                                                                                               
S Kalluri, J Ja Ja, DA Bader, Z Zhang, J Townsend, and H Fallah-Adi, High Performance Computing Algorithms for Land Cover Dynamics Using Remote Sensing Data, HPCERC1999-001, 1999 

JW Zweck and Lance R Williams, Euclidean Group Invariant Computation of Stochastic Completion Fields Using Shiftable-Twistable Functions, HPCERC1999-007, 1999

M Zibulevsky and BA  Pearlmutter, Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition, HPCERC1999-010, 1999

MR Keenan, Multivariate Image Analysis Tools for Chemical Characterization, HPCERC1999-011, 1999

DA Bader, JK McIver III, AB McCabe, JR Mastaler, and PA Kovatch, Design and Analysis of the Alliance/University of New Mexico Roadrunner Linux SMP SuperCluster, HPCERC1999-012, 1999

DA Bader, A Practical Parallel Algorithm for Cycle Partitioned Digraphs, HPCERC1999-013, 1999

DA Bader, An Improved Randomized Selection Algorithm with an Experimental Study, HPCERC1999-014, 1999

DJ Fabozzi II, P Yuong, M Bohn, B Barney, P De Lauretis, and M Green, An Investigation of Parallelization of Code Written in MATLAB, HPCERC1999-019, 1999

Z Zhang, J Ja Ja, DA Bader, JRG Townsend, H Song, NZ El Saleous, E Vermote, and S Kalluri, Kronos: A Java-Based Software System for the Processing and Retrieval of Large-Scale AVHRR Data Sets, HPCERC1999-020, 1999

ML Ennis, Update on the Status of Computational Science and Engineering in U.S. Graduate Programs, HPCERC1999-023, 1999                                                                                                                          

L Frank, Enhancement of DNA and Protein Sequence Alignment Dot Matrix Plots Using Image Processing Techniques, HPCERC1998-002, 1998

R Chen and H Guo, The Chebyshev Propagator for Quantum Systems, HPCERC1998-004, 1998

D Bader and J Ja Ja, SIMPLE: A Methodology for Programming High Performance Algorithms on Clusters of Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMPs), HPCERC1998-005, 1998

DR Helman, DA Bader, and J Ja Ja, A Randomized Parallel Sorting Algorithm with an Experimental Study, HPCERC1998-006, 1998

DR Helman, DA Bader, and J Ja Ja, A New Deterministic Parallel Sorting Algorithm with an Experimental Evaluation, HPCERC1998-007, 1998

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