xenaThe Xena Project is a collaborative effort of the University of New Mexico led by the Center for Advanced Research Computing, and spanning three colleges — Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine — and nine departments (Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Civil Engineering, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering). Funded by National Science Foundation grant #OCI-1040530, Xena consists of ~48 multi-core, GPU-based nodes with InfiniBand interconnect and attached mass storage array. The machine and associated software, including GPU-accelerated MATLAB, supports research in nano-bio-materials science, including molecular biophysics, chemical and condensed matter physics, materials physics, mathematical biology, molecular biology, catalysis, novel sensor materials, and structural materials; advanced graphics, image processing, visualization, and digital humanities, including biophysical imaging using quantum dots, 3D animation and rendering, fMRI image analysis and 3D computed tomography; and geophysics, including computational electromagnetics and geological modeling.

The collaborating UNM faculty and their fields of computational research are:

Nano-Bio-Materials Science: Susan Atlas | Hua Guo | Evengelos Coutsias | Keith Lidke | Zayd Leseman | Walter Gerstle | Abhaya Datye | Boris Kiefer | Plamen Atanassov | Stephen Boyd | Lydia Tapia

Advanced Graphics, Image Processing, Visualization, and Digital Humanities: Sudhakar Prasad | Vince Calhoun | Tim Thomas

Geophysics: Mousumi Roy

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