CARC projects & research groups

As part of its mission to enhance and support collaborative, interdisciplinary research, CARC initiates and supports various academic and research projects at the Center. These are supported through a combination of internal and external funding. If you are interested in pursuing a collaborative grant opportunity or would like to explore research group residence or project hosting at CARC, please contact the director at

Examples of recent collaborations (PIs) include:

  • Energy grid modeling (Prof. A Mammoli, Prof. M Hayat)
  • SAWTooth resequencing software environment (Prof. JS Edwards)
  • Clustering and classification of gene expression data for subtype identification in pediatric acute leukemia (Prof. CL Willman)
  • Genome sequencing analysis (Prof. S Ness)
  • GenomeDW data warehouse (Prof. CL Willman)
  • Long-Wavelength Array (LWA) data archive hosting (Prof. G Taylor)
  • OpenFOAM Workshop (Prof. S Poroseva)
  • E-Oculus arts technology work: construction and commissioning (Prof. A Polli)
  • Gibbs and nano supercomputing consortia (multiple departments/PIs)
  • Research Storage Consortium (multiple departments/PIs)

Center for Advanced Research Computing

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