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CARC Research Highlights


Route 66 photos highlight iconic highway

CARC collaborates on Discover Your Science outreach for incoming freshmen

CARC hosts ES 2016


CARC at D2K Cyberinfrastructure Day

Ulam at CARC after massive infrastructure upgrade

CARC completes major expansion of Main Machine Room

Zinc Fingers and heavy metal toxicity on the Navajo Nation


UNM Establishes 'Science DMZ' Network Link for Genomics Research
August 1, 2014

NMSU-Grants Dual Enrollment Summer Academies Tours CARC
June 30, 2014

UNM Gains Supercomputer from the New Mexico Consortium
February 24, 2014

New Mexico Consortium Gives UNM Large Scale Compute System for Storage and Engineering Research
February 10, 2014


‘Green’ Galles Cluster at CARC Reaches 200 Nodes
November 15, 2013
Hadoop Hits CARC
November 15, 2013
CARC Films “Big Data to Knowledge” Video for International Supercomputing Conference in Denver, CO
November 15, 2013
CARC Director and Colleagues Receive Patent for Invention in Leukemia Research
November 14, 2013
CARC Hosts Summer Majik 2013
June 28, 2013


CARC Brings Dome Demonstrations to International Supercomputing Conference in Salt Lake City, UT
November 1, 2012
UNM CARC and NSF-EPSCoR National Collaboration for International Supercomputing Conference in Salt Lake City, UT
November 1, 2012
Ribbon-Cutting for New PRObE Facility
October 15, 2012
LANL and Sandia Scientists Collaborate with Artists
July 11, 2012


Ursonate Performance Live Across National LambdaRail for International Supercomputing Conference in Seattle, WA
November 1, 2011
Knowledge Representation & Discovery Event at CARC: A Presentation on Art, Technology, and Digital Research
August 15, 2011

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