SC13 Highlights

May 27, 2014

The University of New Mexico's (UNM) Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) hosted a booth highlighting multi-disciplinary research at the 2013 Supercomputing Conference (SC13) and Technical Exhibition in Denver, Colorado, November 17th to 22nd, 2013.  The UNM-CARC booth, whose theme is "High-End Computing Along the Rio Grande," showcased research posters and presentations from members of the New Mexico Consortium (UNM, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), University of Oklahoma, University of Texas at EL Paso, and EPSCoR.

ARTS Lab Student Technical Specialist Chris Clavio joined the CARC team for a week in Denver to film the SC experience, including a time lapse video of all-day booth setup, exhibition tour, research presentations, and interviews with CARC Director Dr. Susan R. Atlas and NMC CIS Manager Andree Jacobson.

Special thanks to the Production Team's CARC Program Officer Abra Altman and Marketing Assistant Shavone Otero, CARC Systems Staff Ben Archuleta, Senior Database Administrator Susan Wilson, Research Assistant Joseph DeAguero, "Michael Waltrip Racing Trackside" Systems Director Donour Sizemore, UNM Provost Chaouki T. Abdallah, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and collaborating faculty, staff, and students of SC13.


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