Intro to CARC Syllabus

The UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC)

Intro to Computing at CARC

A half-day workshop for users

Thursday, February 8

Wednesday, February 21

1-5 p.m.

The goal of this workshop is to enable users to get more research done faster by using CARC resources.  There will be short tutorial lectures by CARC technical staff, followed by an open lab session and an optional tour of the Center’s machine rooms.

 All workshops are held 1-5 PM at CARC. Free visitor parking is available for all workshop attendees.


1:00-1:45 Introduction to parallel computing at CARC

dotIntro to parallelism
dash Tightly-coupled (MPI/OpenMP) parallelism
dash “Embarrassingly parallel” (EP; high-throughput) parallelism
dotAccess to resources:  Projects, Accounts, machines, Help Desk, special requests

1:45-2:25 Linux and (big) data basics

dotLogging in; transferring files; git and SVN repositories; XWindows; editors
dotMass storage at CARC (filesystems, quotas, Research Storage Consortium)
dotRemote display using VNC; connecting to jobs via ‘screen’

2:25-2:40 Break (CARC West Atrium)

2:40-3:40 Computing in practice

dotEnvironment modules
dotSubmitting batch jobs; queues and queue limits; output and error files
dotShell scripting
dash GNU Parallel for embarrassingly parallel applications
dash “Beyond GUIs”
dash MPI- and OpenMP-based parallel codes

Course materials can be accessed here.

Open Lab Session: 

Following the tutorial presentations, there will be an open lab session with the instructors. Bring your codes and/or example input files for domain-specific applications, for consultation on compilation, job submission, and batch submission, or to debug performance issues. If application installation is required in advance, contact


   Dr. Ryan Johnson, CARC Systems and User Services Group
   Jim Prewett, CARC Systems and User Services Group

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