Special Requests

blue wiresA Help Ticket, with a technical description and justification for your request, is required for all special requests.  Every effort will be made to accomodate (well-justified) requests.  Proprietary software can be installed, but the requestor must provide the license.  Examples of special request include:

  • Installation of applications software or specialized libraries on CARC systems.  Please include the following information in your request:
    • machines on which software is required
    • pointer to website from which source or executable can be downloaded
    • brief phrase describing the applications domain (e.g., "computation fluid dynamics", "astrophysics", "CUDA GPU-enabled compiler")
    • specific version of the code needed.  Note: beta-test versions are strongly discouraged unless the "latest and greatest" capabilities are absolutely necessary for your research.
  • Extended (ultra-long) runs for a special research project or deadline.
  • Request for use of a greater percentage of a machine than is normally available (e.g., for a performance or code scaling study, or for an ultra-large problem).
  • Large-scale ( > 1 TB ) storage on the Research Storage Consortium (RSC) mass storage system. 

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