CSE Program Coordinators & Faculty

Students in the CSE Program must complete a computational thesis under the direction of a CSE Program Associated Faculty Member.

CSE Program Faculty Coordinators

Andrea Mammoli, School of Engineering
Monika Nitsche, College of Arts and Sciences

Associated Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences

Susan R. Atlas, Physics and Astronomy
Daniel Appelö, Mathematics and Statistics
Deborah G. Evans, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Michael Gold, Physics and Astronomy
Hua Guo, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Donald O. Natvig, Biology
Monika Nitsche, Mathematics and Statistics
Jane Selverstone, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Deborah Sulsky, Mathematics and Statistics
Timothy L. Thomas, Physics and Astronomy
Maggie Werner-Washburne, Biology

Associated Faculty, School of Engineering

Patrick Bridges, Computer Science
Thomas P. Caudell, Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Walter H. Gerstle, Civil Engineering
Mark Gilmore, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Deepak Kapur, Computer Science
Tariq Khraishi, Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Mammoli, Mechanical Engineering 
Anil K. Prinja, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering 
Timothy J. Ward, Civil Engineering

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